Crowdfun’s mission is to be the world’s first meta-crowdfunding platform.

We want to provide the users of crowdfunding platforms with an integrated social networking and management application.

We want crowdfunders to be able to manage and coordinate their investments, donations and contributions across platforms.

Meta-Crowdfunding Explained

Despite an explosive growth rate, the inability of investors to organize across multiple crowdfunding platforms is restricting the industry as a whole. A meta-crowdfunding platform would enable users to centrally manage and
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Our Progress

Crowdfun has been re-imagined - 1st / May / '14
record the investments, donations, pledges, and contributions that they had made on any and all participating crowdfunding platforms. Through integrated social networking, users could share selected details of their investments with friends and peers.

In this way, Crowdfun would enable users to inspire each-other, to demonstrate their commitments and to encourage each-other to crowdfund products that are mutually beneficial. Users may see which proposal their friends, peers, public figures and public organizations have contributed towards, either by visiting their respective Crowdfun homepages, or by visiting the particular crowdfunding webpages of participating platforms, and signing-in.